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Forum Guidelines

To ensure a positive experience for all, please follow these guidelines:


Stay on topic

Keep posts relevant to native plants, and avoid politics. Everyone is welcome if they're trying to improve their local ecosystem.


Be respectful

Encourage and educate, without being rude. We're all on a journey to learn about native plants and gardening.


No stock images or memes

To maintain high quality content, only post your own photos.


No spamming, trolling, or self-promotion

You can mention a service you received, but only if it's related to the forum and requested by others.


Check for duplicate content

Someone might have already created a post similar to yours, or answered your question.


Use scientific names

Try to include scientific names whenever possible to avoid confusion.


Location can help

Mention your county for more tailored advice and to connect with local community members.


Thank you for being a part of this community and sharing your voice.

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